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Linguagest’s “Summer Intensive” Portuguese courses are ideal

for those who want to learn a language in just 4 weeks.

Linguagest teaches 4 levels of Portuguese (A1, A2, B1.1 and B1.2) in compliance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CEFR).

Each Portuguese level is 4 weeks long (40 hours – 2 hours daily from Monday to Friday).

Objectives - Skills
  • Acquire or develop main skills, such as oral and written communication (expression and comprehension).

  • Preparation for work or study abroad.

  • Obtain a Level Certification in Portuguese in 4 weeks.

These courses are for:
  • Expats or foreigners who want to settle temporarily or permanently in a Portuguese-speaking country.

  • Professionals who need to reach a certain level of Portuguese quickly to work and communicate in a business environment.

  • Students preparing for the Erasmus program.

  • Linguagest students who would like to reach a certain level of autonomy and domain of the language; students could move quickly and successively to the next academic year.

  • Adults or young people who want to take advantage of the summer to learn or improve the Portuguese language.

Methodology Online video classes (synchronous classes with a teacher).
  • Synchronous online classes with a teacher.

  • Interactive learning by role-playing everyday life speaking activities

  • Acquisition of lexical-grammatical structures in compliance with the CEFR.

  • Activities and exercises are creative, so students can learn have fun at the same time.


Summer Intensive Portuguese Courses:

Linguagest issues a certificate of achievement to students who complete the course with the following criteria:

– attendance: 70%.

– final evaluation: 60%

Schedules and Timetables

40-hour Course: 40H = 4 weeks

  • Courses are confirmed only with a minimum number of students enrolled.
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If the schedules or timetables are not compatible with your availability, contact us and we will be happy to find a solution.


Course 40H = 200 €


Promotion: Course 40H = 180 €


Promotions valid until 05/30/2021

Registration Requirements

ntensive Portuguese Courses: students with knowledge of the language must take the Portuguese language assessment test to determine which the level and course the student must enrol in.

Students can join courses in any week as long as they have adequate knowledge.